I’m an empty-nester, but my nest is far from empty.For most of my adult life I have happily assumed the identity of a stay-at-home mother.  Now that the youngest of our three children has flown the nest, the winds of change are stirring me to take a good look at myself, my home, and all the extraneous nesting material — clutter — holding me back.  The prospect of clearing it out is overwhelming, so I hereby promise to focus on one small amount, or clump, a day.  Where will I be, and who will I be, after a year of confronting and releasing one clump a day?

Definition of a clump:  a clump shall not be dependent upon size, weight, or even matter.  One sheet of paper might look small and insignificant, but could carry a terrible emotional weight (fear, guilt, and/or dread), whereas a huge pile of junk might be a cinch to gather and toss.  Both are worthy.  A clump could be a neglected deed toward another person (a call, a card), the inaction weighing heavily on one’s mind.  A clump is anything obstructing the full flowing of my life energy.

To avoid a watching-paint-dry  situation (“Here’s another pile of paper I sorted through”), I will post insights, discoveries, causes for gratitude, and relevant, or just fun, photos.

One more thing.  I promise to be honest about the procrastination and clutter-bug ways that got me here, which will be embarrassingly painful enough.  When the idea for this blog was percolating, I saw a t-shirt on a young man with the words: Kindness Is A Chain Event written on its back. I had a lot of time to look at it, as we were both waiting for the same bus.  The message seemed a good omen.  I will try to treat myself and all my shortcomings with kindness.  If you, too, read this blog with gentle  kindness, we will, indeed, build a most lovely chain.  Thank you!

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