Best Tips and Baby Gift

Clump #3:  Clear out laundry basket full of hard-to-confront linens.

IMG_3691The remains from a previous reaming out of the linen closet.  Uggh!  Talk about stuck energy.  And right next to my bed, no less.  Please don’t judge me!

IMG_3692O.K., here’s the root of the problem.  Obvious outgrown bed sheets.  My children have all left the nest, and these are not even good enough to save for grandchildren (if/when they should arrive).  Why are they still claiming a place in my house?  Just look at that face.  We had a very intense relationship with dalmatians and Disney … so  hard to part with.  Hanging on to my children’s youth, maybe?

IMG_3699Here’s more of the same, only from babyhood and before.  Three handmade quilts.  Two for our children, made by a great aunt.  The other was a wedding quilt from my husband’s parents, too delicate to use.

IMG_3700Another relic, a chair cushion from my older daughter’s jungle theme.  Too many good memories to toss, but what to do with it?

IMG_3708Here it is: my best household tip.  I found it in a magazine long ago, and it is so easy and effective.  Wrap each set of sheets in one pillow case, like an envelope.  This revolutionized my linen closet to the point that I almost never have to search for missing pieces, or do any reorganizing.  Does it look gorgeous?  No, but I can put my hands on just what I need when I need it.  A no-brainer.

IMG_3709On the lower shelf is the clean, folded duvet from yesterday’s post, cuddled up with the warm weather duvet cover!

IMG_3713And here is The best baby gift.  My mother-in-law made these for our three kids when they each were born.  Simple.  Soft.  Wonderful.  She took a piece of flannel (I measured this one, and it is about 39 x 42″), turned over the edges, and sewed a blanket stitch all around.  Sorry for the poor lighting.

IMG_3698Here’s a close-up.  These blankets became the favorites, getting softer with each wash, guaranteed to sooth.   Eventually they became the best open-ended play-enhancer (can’t think of a better word!).  They could serve as a tent, a long gown, a long veil, ….  the possibilities were endless.

IMG_3697I’m busting this mound of sentiment-steeped clutter.  First, one pile to be put back.  These could still be used in our current life by the current occupants of our house.

IMG_3705I’m taking these down to the basement.  No need to keep them in the linen closet, and I’m not about to give them away.  Did you know Ziploc made bags this large?  Here’s another great household tip: always store things in clear containers.  The rewards become self-evident over and over in time.

IMG_3707These I will part with.  Good Will, tomorrow they will be yours.  What a dismal picture.  They are ready to go.  (I guess I am the ready one.  Finally.)

IMG_3710Fly away, lovely linens.  You have served us well!

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