Clump #7:  Send out three important letters.

True confession.  These three envelopes contain items I usually have trouble getting out in a timely manner.  A condolence card, a bill, and a car registration renewal.  All are easily put off, and then the power of the pile takes over.



And nothing is safe.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The dark vortex pulls them deep into the abyss.  I think the worst thing to see in a neglected pile of paper is a condolence card bought with the best intentions, but never sent.


But not today.  We are making progress in this household.  Time-sensitive papers out into the world, and information-sensitive paper shredded.  Now for the dark, spinning vortex of the vacuum cleaner.

Since I am making so many unflattering true confessions, I must include a few things we are doing well.  When getting out the car insurance information for the registration renewal form, I felt good about the roll of quarters my son got for me to keep in there, avoiding the “Do you have any quarters?!” moment, and the Murphy’s Law that no one ever does when parked at a coin operated meter.


This is not a picture that Martha Stewart would approve of, but to me it looks beautiful.  Thinking ahead!  Yay!


One photo from the natural world.  This leaf made its way into our house on the plastic bag the newspaper was in.  I had to take a moment and marvel at the elegant design.  There must be a gazillion of them outside, but I needed to take a closer look at one to appreciate them at all.

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