Life Is a Special Occasion

Clump #9:  Put away rest of Christmas decorations.

My older daughter made this arrangement.  She’s now returned to her new-adult world, and it pains me to take such a pretty arrangement apart.  We’ve done this for years: cut up pieces from the lower, trimmed-off branches of the tree, and tie onto the kitchen light.


This year she added the string of fake berries and a cute little red bird.  Makes all the difference!


Ages ago I copied the idea from an Ikea holiday flyer.  Artificial apples on ribbons look festive, and seem right hanging over the kitchen table.


The glass bowls of the light get windexed … at least once a year, whether they need it or not!


Until next year, little bird.


Another use for the extra tree-greens.  Landscaping for the creche.


The BEST tree holder and rug.  All the years we (my husband, actually) struggled and strained with the screw-in kind, trying to get the tree straight, so many adjustments, so many aches and pains.  This is a piece of cake.  Presto!  The rug is a super-absorbent type, I think from L.L. Bean.


Here is the very best thing of all.  My father, who passed away last August, crafted these stocking holders out of wire hangers.  When I look at them they remind me so much of him: he was a strong, no-frills, do-it-yourself guy, frugal, practical, and, obviously, inventive.  It’s amazing how much weight these little things can hold.


Does everyone know this trick?   Keep a string of lights from becoming tangled by winding it around a rolled up magazine.


You can save all those wonderful clutter-busting magazines … make your clutter work for you!


In a recent post I typed gag for bag, and look what happened.  A bag of paper threw up on the curb!


I ran inside to replace it, and had to laugh at the message I was leaving for the neighborhood.  Life is a special occasion!  Not just at holiday time.  Note to self: tell neighbors why I am taking pictures of our garbage.


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