Clump #15:  Clean out purse.

Today I wish I could write about sending out our New Year cards.  At this point I have to laugh or I’ll crack.  With all the things that have gone wrong with them, I was reminded of the children’s book,  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst, a wonderful rendering of a negative spiral.  I opened today’s paper and saw that the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia is performing a live show based on the story.  I love synchronicity!


In the spirit of Alexander, I somehow turned my purse completely upside down with the clasp open, so that all its contents went pinging and clattering every which way.  It seemed  a good time to clean the thing out.  Another paper pile to toss and shred.


Clump #16: Watch and send back The French Connection.

This is really embarrassing.  Last night my younger daughter and I finally saw the movie The French Connection.  The people at Netflix must really be wondering what our problem is.  Although we (our kids) have been accessing Netflix movies online, etc., we have held on to this one movie for an unbelievably long time.  Our younger daughter started a goal of watching every one of the Academy Award Best Picture winners.  The awards began in 1928.  She had watched 65 with 19 left to go … but got stuck on this one.  For some reason we were never in the mood to see The French Connection.


I would put a picture here with Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider, the stars of the film, but that same movie-watching, also computer-guru, daughter went back to college today.  Poor Me!  The good news is, we got the darn thing out in the mail, plus a lost disk from the big pile in yesterday’s post.  At loooong last, out you go!  You’ll be home in no time!!


A little pleasure to brighten the gloom.  The remains of a berry flavored tea.


The color matched the mug it was in.  The pattern on the cup reminds me of a children’s book illustration … and here we go again.  All three kids are now gone after being here for the holidays.  I’m pining for days cuddled up with them and good books.  Another cup, please; make it a double.


Wait one minute … I did figure out how to import this picture!!  All by myself!!  Hope lives!


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