Clashing Through

Clump #20: Clear away pile on wall of bedroom.

While shoveling snow recently I had an epiphany about this project. Instead of clearing clumps here, there, and everywhere, I, and the project, would be better served by adopting a more methodical approach.  Start at one end, enjoy the sight of  progress along the way, and end at the other, feeling a sense of accomplishment.  Shoveling clumps of snow in different areas willy-nilly would be dispiriting, not to mention crazy.  The same must hold true with indoor clumps. (This is not a picture of our snow … google images … rain here today.)


Below is a picture of Clump #3:  the fossilized laundry basket, with hard-to-make-a-decision-about items from a reaming-out of our linen closet.


Seems small, but such a victory!  Disproving the story I had been telling about myself that I am a person who could never knit a sock, or figure out what to do with so many sentimental, but unused items.


Armed with a new resolution within a resolution, I am now focused on clearing out our bedroom, from one end to the other.   Pictured below is the pile beneath the reamed-out linen closet items from clump #3 (above).  Writing this blog has heightened my awareness of how I treat different areas of the house.  I have the bad habit of cleaning and clearing for guests in the public areas, while shoving the excess into private areas. The truth is, our well-tended bed mentioned in the last post is a tidy oasis floating in a sea of clutter.  What does it say that the space for my husband, the most important person in my life, and myself, often looks like a dumping ground?  Why do strangers deserve better treatment?   This up-side-down priority-ordering ends today!


Towels and sheets were easy.  Those plastic space bags for condensing clothing and linen seemed like a good idea at the time, but we are just not using them.  Where to store something we haven’t used in years?  Maybe my kids could use them?  Better to give away to the Good Will and imagine someone who will immediately fill them up.   If a need arises in the future, as they say, “they’ll make more.”  I used the mop to wrangle our dust bunny farm (out of sight and out of control) and put it away.


Finis!  Will eliminating the snarl of stuck stuff right next to my head make for sounder sleep and better dreams?  We shall see.


One other tip that has really made a difference: music as a motivator.  In my last post I mentioned taking a trip to London on my computer.  The next morning the song London Calling, by The Clash, was playing on the radio.  I had to turn the volume way up and jam out.  I apologize to you and the late Joe Strummer for that image of a middle-aged, suburban woman using his great, rebellious song to get motivated to clean her house!  Sorry, but I love it.  Nothing like it to get the blood pumping and the angst vented!  Hear it for yourself … and turn it up!!


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