Ironing Deficiency

Clump #27:  Ironing pile, take two; ironing solution, take one.

This is an update on the previous post.  Yes, I vanquished the towering ironing pile of yore, but that herculean effort did not cure the underlying problem.   Articles of clothing in need of ironing quickly started attaching themselves — like barnacles — onto a chair in our bedroom.  Just reading the last sentence makes me laugh … as if I had nothing to do with the situation at all.  That naughty laundry!  Here’s a photo of the barnacle-like accumulation.  The longer ignored, the stronger it’s adherence.


When I pried the pile off, this is what the top of the chair looked like.  Crushed (fake) velvet.  Ouch.


Okay.  No further proof needed.  This is, indeed, a very bad plan, if you could call it a plan.  No more!   I am now dedicating this laundry basket to ironing, using the small but powerful talisman(men) of labels.  I love labels.  This one says: Let it be known throughout the land: the ironing pile now has a home of its own … I command!


I cleared out a little bit of cluttered closet for its new home, no longer an eyesore in the bedroom, or an impediment/detriment to furniture.


As proof that good things come to those who declutter, I found my old dictionary in a pile of books in the closet.  It was part of my going-to-college supplies … oh, about a million years ago … back when people looked things up in books, not computers.  The sight of this old friend loyally waiting beside me on my desk is a comfort.


Guess what?  While I’ve been focused indoors, Spring is busting out all over, outside.  Here’s a glimpse.  I love the one fully-open little bloomlet in this picture saying,”Wake up — time to open!” like the power of one clean spot in the clutter of a larger closet mess.


Happy Spring!

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