Let It Flow

Clump #39:  Finish declumping inner pile.

I finally sat down for a tete a tete with my husband about the pile within the pile of yesterday.   I’m usually reluctant to bug him about such things, as he often has a work project needing his focus.  But today we got through it.  And it really didn’t take too long at all.  Let us remember this lesson.  It was even easily done while watching football.  The killer beach bag contained papers dating from 2007!   Oy. I kid you not:


Two piles of shreddables:



Turned into this:  (Again, the contents look much smaller when photographed from this angle.)  (It’s really a lot!)


I once bought something from this adorable catalog for young nieces and nephews, but my pajamas-for-Christmas idea has long since grown stale as they have grown older.  I tried to call the company to take my name off their mailing list, but they are not open on Sundays.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Maybe some day, when the time and the chosen spouse is right, we will be lucky enough to have grandchildren.  Until then, I have a question:


If a tree in a forest does not have to fall down to make catalogs, how big a clump does that save?


My husband and I got away from our clumps and went for a walk on this gorgeous day.  Could we just please hit the pause button on the weather right now?  Here he is walking ahead while I had to try to capture the light and blue sky reflected in water.


The message I’m hearing is that the paper and clutter in our house need to flow like the water in a stream.  Let it go … let it flow.


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