Mom Is A What?!

Clump #46:  Recycle old plant pots.

My husband actually said these words to our college student daughter today: “I found out that Mom is a pot plant hoarder.”  No, no, no!  He meant to say “plant pot hoarder.”  Good heavens!

The dear man was cleaning out our garage and unearthed a whole bunch of plant pots that I had been meaning to recycle for ages.  Even I was shocked at the number.  I think I started stacking them together when our township recycled only numbers 1 and 2 plastic. Now we can recycle 1 through 7.  Out they go.


I don’t think of myself as a hoarder, but I guess we are all on a spectrum.  The sad souls who end up on T.V. in houses with life-threatening clutter and dead cats are on one end, and on the other are those who are disabled by obsessive cleanliness.  I guess I would have to put myself on the hoarding side, after all.

I’m reminded of a store I drove by this summer:


What a clever name!  I was disappointed that it was not open for business.


The moral of the story is to address clutter when it looks like this (from the show, Little Shop of Horrors) …


Or it could turn into this!!


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