Out of the Shadows

Clump #48: Rake through three bags of paper and recycle sandals.

It’s official.  Summer is really over.  My trusty sandals finally gave way.  I have a problem with shoes: just when they start to look bad, they start to feel good.  A friend, who once staged a shoe intervention for me, recently pointed out that one of these sandals was starting to split.  I was unconcerned. Not even considering duct tape.  But today the split was complete.  The great thing is, they are completely recyclable, and tonight is trash night.

I had purchased them in a grocery store, but I just ordered a new pair online with free shipping (coupon code 2KUV95BA).  The company’s name is OKABASHI; they’re made in the USA.  These look a little worse for the wear, but I highly recommend them.


Also going out to the curb: the paper contents of the last three (now) benign-looking reusable shopping bags from the room of gloom.


So many credit card offers to dismantle!  My pet peeve: the plastic that comes with them, and the goopy stuff used to glue them together.


I’m finally feeling a lifting of the shadows in the room formerly filled with sad memories and neglected clumps. My husband and I went out for a walk this evening and the idea of shadows was on my mind.


Shadows can be lovely.


We stopped on a bridge to look for fish in the stream, and I realized our shadows were in the spotlight.


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