Enduring Memory

Clump #50: Take donations to Goodwill, LensCrafters, and Best Buy.

Another old family photo featuring my dad, in honor of his birthday week and my effort to clean out the room housing many of his things.

The photo below features three of his four daughters; one more was yet to come.  I’m in the middle.  Looking at the picture in this resolution, I’m guessing that’s not a pacifier in my mouth, but a smear of food. Time to get out the camera.  My dad would laugh remembering how he’d always hit his head on the corner of the cabinet above him in this crowded house.  The good old days!


Here is a hunk of junk I managed to get out of our crowded house today.  My husband added a pile of old t-shirts to the Goodwill load, saying we’re becoming “Clumpaholics.”  Funny guy!   The Joe Jitters shirt from Moose Lake, MN, on top, was hard for me to part with … so many good memories.   Somebody  help me — I’m drowning in sentiment.


I took seven pairs of old glasses that had belonged to my parents to a LensCrafters/Lions Club drop-off.


That felt very good.


I also took my father’s computer hard drive to Best Buy, where they kindly took out the disk for me, to recycle the rest.  They’re not allowed to clean or destroy the disk, for liability reasons.


Here’s the part I must now destroy.  The sales clerk/geek squad member recommended drilling a hole in it somewhere around the large rounded area.  Or bashing it with a hammer.  What have we created here?  The world simply baffles me.


Back, for a moment, to the post entitled Back to the Garden.  I was made aware by one of my readers that I was not clear in my description of something I learned at an iPhone photography class at Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA. Here is the correct description: the volume up button on an iPhone can be used as a shutter (not the top on/off button), and tends to be more stable than tapping the camera icon.


Another good tip: the teacher recommended avoiding use of the zoom-in feature on the iPhone camera.  Better to use the normal setting and manipulate it later (zooming in, cropping) for image clarity/quality.


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  1. That picture of the Lion’s Club donation spot, and the info about the Best Buy guys helping you breakdown your Dad’s computer are so inspiring. It is such a good idea to do these things, and having the house feel a little lighter is wonderful. Hope I do some of these things soon!


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