Hats Off

Clump #57:  Bring last of parents’ clothes to Goodwill.

I took this picture of a maple tree yesterday while sitting outside with my mom.  I was thinking that soon all those green leaves will be changing color and falling.  The theme of mortality seems never far from my mind as I contend with the last few piles of my parents’ belongings on my 30-day, 30-clump, 30-post challenge.


I plucked this one leaf, already beginning to change color, the way I once was able to pluck one grey hair from my head and say, I’m young again!


I apologize for sounding like Debbie Downer!  I thought bringing a couple of bags of clothes to the Goodwill would be an easy clump. Something of the essence of a person remains on those well-worn items. More than just smell.

I had been saving my mom’s mink stole and a fur trimmed jacket for our high school’s theater department. When the new costume director finally emailed, she said they were starting to purge their collection.  The nerve of them purging while I’m purging!   Here’s a photo of my parents with the jacket:



I also brought a bag of my dad’s clothes I had held aside for my older daughter to pick through for something she could wear.  This is a tuxedo my mom snagged from “The Barter Bar,” a used clothing exchange where she had volunteered.  She and my dad would go to fancy events and get such a kick out of the Barter Bar tux bought for a pittance.  I hope someone else will have the same delight.


I came home with two of my dad’s hats I had planned to give away.  I wasn’t strong enough.  Maybe my son might someday want to wear them. In the meantime, they are on the shelf in the hall coat closet with the whisk broom that used to reside in the coat closet of my youth. (Does anyone brush off their clothes anymore … outside of Downton Abbey?)


The beautiful sky today lifted my spirits.  This view seemed to confirm the rightness of winnowing down.



  1. You go girl….I mentioned your blog again yesterday to a member of the freshman class of new entrepreneurs at the Chester County Library. This woman wants to go into business helping people to downsize and organize — from single closets to entire homes. She wants to make a business of doing for others what you are doing for yourself. So you are clearly onto something here. The word that comes to me is zeitgeist.


  2. Yes! We keep brushes in the closet to dust off the clothes we wear only once in a while! You are doing great and I am learning how to do this. Eventually I’ll get to my unnecessary parental clothing I am hanging on to myself. Thanks.


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