Time Is Money

Clump #76: Donate foreign currency and research time-consuming present idea.

One clump I had left over from clearing out my parents’ things was a box filled with foreign currency, unspent from various trips abroad.  I did a little research into where to take it, but found no good answer.  Most of the money was from pre-euro days, so I ended up thinking it probably wasn’t worth the trouble.  But how could I throw away money?  Bad Feng Shui, for sure.


Then yesterday at my younger daughter’s Family Weekend, I spotted this collection box in the study abroad office area:


Problem solved.

Today I remembered a gift idea that is not easily bought or ordered.  I have considered it for the past few years, but haven’t had the time to pursue it when the idea would resurface during the fevered rush of December. “D’oh!”  Let’s just say that I started the wheels in motion today … while the leaves are still on the trees …


And the pumpkin is still on the doorstep …


Which gives me a warm, happy glow inside.

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