Seasonal Journey

Clump #84: Mail card; recycle paper from study.

The greeting card, below, was one I’ve had for quite a while.  I bought it to send to two dear people we know from our Quaker Meeting who have been trying to sell their house and move.  The drawn-out process has allowed us to slip into denial that they would really leave.  But yesterday was officially their last Sunday at Meeting before taking off.  The card is made by a company called quotable cards.


My sense of loss was echoed by a great weeping cherry tree that stands outside our meeting house:


The few leaves left seemed like teardrops.

From the study, where I had recently let clutter creep back in, I pulled out a big pile of papers.  Exhibit “A” of “always some object in the way” from the greeting card quote.


Life’s journey seems easier in the Spring (the same tree earlier this year).


But even in my sad state of mind, I thrilled to the sensation of rustling through fall leaves.  “Happiness is the way.”



  1. Judy, I am as fascinated by the leaves and lack thereof on trees as you are. My obstacles always confront me, and I find myself stepping over them instead of removing them.


  2. It is the ever-changing nature of those trees outside the Meetinghouse windows that reminds me how life is cyclical. This is both sobering and comforting. I love how you express what so many of us are thinking.


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