Mind The Gap

Clump #91:  Clean floors in preparation for holidays.

Thank you to the brilliant cartoonist Stephan Pastis for this Pearls Before Swine comic strip.


I agree cleanliness is often overrated, but there comes a time when you’ve got to take a stand against the dust bunnies.  The balance of power must be realigned.   We have an orange cat, Pumpkin, whose light fur adds heft to our dust bunny monster.


I won’t post the before photo, but the legs of this table and chairs looked like they were knitting angora sweaters before I undertook the bunny hunt:


Getting ready for visitors staying in our house for the holidays has heightened my awareness of blemishes I often disregard, like the ominous looking, mushroom-cloud-shaped spot below:


Much worse was this awful one on the floor between the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator.  I’d always thought it was a wood stain spill left by a careless worker who thought it would be hidden.  But in cleaning a spot on the bottom of the stain, I realized the whole thing was coming off!


Woo-hoo!  I swiped it with a paper towel sprayed with floor cleaner on a piece of wood, and …


Voila!  How long have I lived with this ugly thing?  And it was so easily and quickly removed.


This might be a good lesson for other problems in life.


Beware of making assumptions about intransigence.


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