Chop Chop!

Clump #100: Chop potatoes, rutabaga, cranberries, and apples.

The one hundredth clump!  Can I get a balloon drop?  No?  A leaf drop?  A rain drop?


How about a baboon drop?


Oh dear …  I’m so tired, I’m getting punchy.  I’ve been doing a lot of chopping.  The potatoes and rutabaga are skinned and sliced; the cranberry sauce and the pies are made.


Getting these clumps out of the way today will make tomorrow so much easier.


My younger daughter came home and, bless her heart, almost immediately started preparing the turkey.


Very best wishes for a holiday of warmth and abundance to you and yours!


(The picture of the ape, above, was from an amazing installation, Mosaiculters at the Montreal Botanical Garden, which we had the pleasure of visiting this summer. Hair/fur made with plant material.)



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