This Shelf’s a Wrap

Clump #108:  Clear off fourth shelf in pantry.

“I just want to say one word to you.  One word … plastics.”*  Ah, chapter four in the scintillating story of the pantry purge.

My mom taught me to keep a back-up of certain items on hand, like plastic wrap and aluminum foil, but I guess my plastic collection got a little out of control.


Look what was hidden in there.  A desiccated hermit crab?  No, a common, oddly non-malodorous, kind-of-beautiful-in-its-shriveled-state onion.


Also, Christmas napkins bought on sale, ready to go for this holiday season.  And last year’s candy canes Santa used to adorn the tree; I’ll use these again, since no one seems to want to eat them anymore.

This is a lesson I need to highlight for myself, especially in the season of running around and buying more, more, more:  We often have what we need, if only we can find it.


The happily, wrappily after … with the floor left to go.  Just looking at the floor makes me want to run screaming.  All the more reason to take it clump by clump.


*If you’re like me, and would enjoy a little trip down memory lane to revisit this line in the movie The Graduate, then  click here. Classic.

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