Food and Flurries

Clump #110:  Purge two bags from the floor of pantry.

Pictured below, the ugly truth: bags of food we had cleared out for a long ago construction project, and made even uglier when I discovered an unopened plastic bottle of water down there with a very small leak. The price of negligence.


After: getting to this point is making me feel more hopeful that I can, indeed, get through the mess of stuff down there.  This is a new and refreshing feeling!  As the song goes, “Inch by inch; row by row … Gonna make this garden grow …”  But here, I’m shedding a garden of food.


All right, I can’t post another picture of my claustrophobically cluttered closet!  Outside, we had our first substantial snow of the year. Occasionally people at our Quaker Meeting mention sensing the Friendly presence of generations past who were (are?) a part of the fabric of the meeting community.  Taking the picture below was one of those moments for me.


The bark on the oak tree in front of the meeting house usually looks like elephant skin, but with snow, was changing to zebra skin.


Nothing like the sight of colored lights on freshly fallen snow, at home tonight.


If tiny snowflakes, joined together, can create puffy white mounds, I’ve got to believe someday my small clumps will accumulate into a meaningful improvement in our house and lives … inch by inch.

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