Lights Off, Snow On

Clump #133:  Take down outdoor Christmas lights.

Now that I’m in year two of Clump A Day, I find myself wondering, have I changed?  Has this enterprise been worthwhile?  Today’s clump offers a little hope: according to this blog, I know that last year I was taking down Christmas lights at the same time I was putting up a Valentine’s Day wreath.  Thanks to my husband’s forethought, we took them down today, just before the big snowstorm blew into town.

Our high-tech method to reach the lights up high:


We wrap the strings of lights on rolled-up magazines or catalogs.  The timer (lower right) and three-pronged plug are thrown in the same box.  I can’t tell you how many times those things have gotten separated from the lights … enough to drive a person crazy!  A big success in a tiny little action.


Our little tree from the forty percent off sale for procrastinators:


And here it is just minutes ago, naturally decorated with the promised snow  (we planned ahead!  we did it!):


In other news, the most fashionable goose in Strasburg, PA was bundled up for the storm.  Possibly the first piece in the avian couture line to have arms/hands/wing tips?


I was agog.  Our family doing something proactively, and now this … what next?


  1. I love your blog! You are an inspiration, and a talented photographer and writer! I enjoy reading your new posts, along with your old posts. In your Jan 2, 2014 post there is an image that is not appearing – IMG 3744. Can you satisfy my curiosity and describe the picture for me? Thank you.
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh wow … thanks a million! You gave me a great — and desperately needed — boost! I just updated the post with what I’m pretty sure was the photo. I really appreciate your pointing it out.

    Hope your holidays are merry and bright!


    1. Thanks for the photo of the goose! Would it be too pesky of me to ask one more question? Under the goose photo it says “I was agog … what next?”. What was this sentence referring to?
      Thank you again 🙂


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