Thrills, Chills, and Utility Bills

Clump #156: Clear pile number 15 of 28 for each day in February.

This was a pile my husband and I needed to look through together: documents from utility companies.  Like going to the dentist, but less fun.


My husband looked through water, electric, and gas paperwork to see if there were any big usage spikes.  Three piles remained: shred, recycle, and a few: “investigate this issue.”


So much paper, like the many flakes of so much snow outside (sorry to be a broken record), which is still falling as I write.

I was photographing the tree below with cotton-ball-like clumps of snow on its branches recently and felt a sense of deja vu …


I looked through pictures taken last spring and found a photo of the same tree: a diva dogwood who will only appear in white.


Revisiting spring photos inspired me — I will dedicate the next week to colorful photos.  I am sick of this steady diet of white papers and white landscapes.  Pigment therapy stat!


  1. Love the diva dogwood. Love the pigment therapy concept. U ROCK

    Do I hear the voice of the younger generation (your editor/daughter) breaking through in some of these phrases?

    Or is this 100% Judy?


  2. 100% Judy. She did force me to go back and make the sentences around the paper piles a tiny bit more interesting. I wanted to skip ahead to the tree. She is such a good editor!


  3. I love the two tree pictures. And impressed that you were able to find the older shot. Maybe you can provide tips to those of us who are challenged with too many photos.


  4. Good idea. I find digital ones much easier to handle. A big part is the ease of editing … hitting the delete button is much easier than throwing out a paper photo, with not nearly the same separation anxiety!


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