Here Comes The Sun

Clump #163:  Clear pile of bank-related paperwork.

One more pile given the drill of shred, recycle, or file.  I’m beginning to think this will be a lost art not too long from now, when we’ll handle every transaction online.  Remember when we all received copies of cancelled checks?

(Ancient yellow dish made years ago by our younger daughter, helping to enliven yet another photo of a pile of paper.  I’m trying!)


Newsflash:  Spring was in the air and on the front doors of Strasburg today, inspiring the color yellow as the pigment for this post.  Even the Easter Bunny came out to play.


The town of Strasburg was abuzz with a Mud Sale.  I can’t provide first hand information about it; by the time I got there it was over.  My favorite bakery, OCB, had made creative cakes for the occasion (the answer to the cake question was a resounding “Yes!” with all the melting snow):


Outside, I heard one of the many Amish horse and buggies coming up behind me.  I was hesitant to invade their privacy with my camera, but I thought, I’ll just hold my iPhone up and snap it when it passes me. Below, a picture of an Amish buggy without taking a picture of an Amish buggy:


And now for the yellow, in honor of the glorious sun and memories of seasons filled with natural color.


We are currently enjoying wonderful warmer temperatures …


And trying to ignore predictions of colder ones next week, even of more snow … deny – deny – deny!

(“Yellow” photos above and below taken last fall.)


The almost arrogantly regal bird of paradise from Longwood Gardens‘ conservatory a month ago:


Also from Longwood, a reminder of what will be blossoming in our landscape soon:


And an accompanying song for the color, “Here Comes The Sun,” by the Beatles.  No truer words:

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say … it’s all right


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