Holiday Cleaning: Not For Weak Stomachs


Clump #193:  Clean out refrigerator and clear out son’s room for company.

I guess it’s been a while since I cleaned out the far reaches of our refrigerator.  I had to make room for the influx of holiday food.

There was a healthy debate in our house about whether this photo was too disgusting for publication.  Cruella De Vil (just checked the spelling … I was guessing Deville, and realize it spells devil) would not have had to chase around 101 dalmatians for exotic fur if she had a little leftover hummus:


Greek yogurt has turned kind of a beautiful shade of sea green … okay, enough with the gross-out shots.


All cleaned out and ready for recycling:


Meanwhile, company is coming and the piles in our son’s room were still splayed about.  I sent them back into his closet, and it actually looks much better.  Progress!  Believe me, it truly is.


And now for some eye-cleansing photos of two orchids getting watered. I did odd jobs for a good friend several years ago and one of the jobs was watering her plants.  For a while I was killing her orchids, until I learned to put them in a bowl of water, allowing them to draw the water up, then let them drain in the sink for a while.  Really easy.


She gave me this one as a reward:


The other one was bought for her memorial service by a dear friend when she died, who then gave it to me.


Angel’s wings:


What do you know?  Devil and angel in the same post.

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