Ears, Eggs, and Ephemera


Clump #195: Clear two bags from son’s room via Skype.

Our son Skyped with us from Norway today.  He and I got through a clump, then I turned the reins over to our younger daughter and youngest niece.  My younger daughter was the one who initially sorted his stuff into piles by subject matter.  As she took over the process, she said, “It’s so nice to see my clumps realized!”


So many little things.  So many questions of, “Do you want to keep this?”  “How about this?”  Here’s the keep pile:


And, much bigger (yay!), the give/throw away pile:


Both daughters, one niece, and a friend did an exceptional job on the egg dying this year.   Every year I think, these are the best ever.


This was one of my favorites, kind of a dark side of the moon creation.


Another job involving patience and a plan.

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