The Road to Hell is Paved with Unsent Cards


Clump #197:  Write and send two procrastinated cards.

Scheduling a Skype session with our son didn’t work out today, so I turned my attention away from his closet for today’s task.  I took care of a clump of small size but heavy psychic weight: two cards I had bought but had not gotten around to sending out.  One condolence, the other, get well.

I’ve developed a new view on the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  The hell is a state of mind you develop right here on earth.  The more time slipped away, the worse I felt … to the point that every time I looked at these two cards, the guilt was deeper and more dreadful.  I, of course, needed to put them out of my mind to avoid the mental self-flagellation.  Until Today.

When I sat down to write out my message on the cards, I was reminded of cards I’ve received at times of sorrow when the card sender apologized for tardiness (as I did).  But as the recipient, I never cared how late they came.  I was appreciative of the effort no matter what.


An incredible lightness is the reward for releasing this kind of clump.



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