Letting Go … Letting Grow

Clump #218:  Ready house for bon voyage party for daughter.  Day 14 of 30-day challenge.


Our daughter will soon be traveling to Russia for a school year.  Yes, Russia (I’m used to having to repeat it when I tell people in person). This has been the elephant in the room, so to speak, but now the jig is up on my state of denial.  We had a send-off dinner party for her this evening, which involved a whole day of preparations … too much for this tired old body, brain, and, sore fingers to detail.  Our daughter worked diligently with me.  As much as I appreciated her helpfulness, it was also a painful reminder of how I am going to miss her.

The photo below is not actually from today (who had time to take pictures?), but recently when we were gifted with two enormous zucchini, and she knew what to do with them.


I took the photo at top when I visited The Church of the Covenant on a trip to Boston this summer.  The interior was designed by Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company.  The Tiffany windows are exquisite.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t get better images, but I just checked out the church’s website, and you can take a tour by way of a lovely little video here.  It includes  a much better view of this beautiful Madonna and Child which speaks of the longing to hold close a child forever, as unrealistic and unhealthy as that may be.  Taking a deep breath.

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