Flitting from the Nest

Clump #220:  Get younger daughter off to trip; day 16 of 30-day challenge.


So the clump of the day is hard to put into words.  How do measure the emotional weight of getting ready and saying goodbye to a child leaving for many months in Russia?  So many items checked off the list: things bought, appointments with all manner of doctors, banking and telephone details straightened out … the list continues to go on in the case of required books ordered nearly a month ago, and still nowhere to be found.


I guess the one task I will document is the repair in the leg of her pajama shorts (yes, old as the hills and pilly) that our daughter had wanted to pack, but with a gaping hole she felt self conscious about:


I realized when I found the thread to match the turquoise fabric that it was the same thread I had used to sew her Halloween costume when she was two years old.  <Pang>  Our older daughter was Pocahontas, and our younger daughter was Flit, Pocahontas’ hummingbird friend in the Disney film.  Our son was beyond the sway of his casting-director-older sister, and went as the white Power Ranger.


Oh boy, why did I look back through the pictures to find this?!  Heart pain upon heart pain!  And adding maudlin to maudlin, now I just need to sew up the empty space in our lives.

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