I’ve Got a Guy for That

Clump #227:  Tackle “Do” pile and call some guys; day 23 of the 30-day challenge.


The 30-day challenge doesn’t seem so endless anymore, which means my two sisters-in-law will be here in a little over a week.  Yay!  But, also, hey!  I’ve got to prioritize the to-do list I had imagined almost a month ago.  Gone are the dreams of taking down wallpaper and redecorating the guest bathroom.  But non-negotiable are a couple of plumbing repairs: the pokey shower drain and the broken sink stopper in there.  I got right on it today, and the plumber was able to get here and get the job done in a matter of hours.  Amazing!   Now the new tub stopper (the actual problem) looks so clean and shiny, it’s putting the faucet to shame.


I also got a lot of papers and bills under control from yesterday’s paper-palooza and some books ready to be sent out, including the long-lost Russian books that finally arrived after our daughter took flight.  Fly away! I shocked myself by immediately filing our invoice copy from the plumber and shooting off an excellent review of his service while I could still remember it.  Who am I?


I also called a carpet cleaner who will be able to clean the bedroom carpets two days before my husband’s sisters arrive.  This is great for two reasons: first, I’ll have to have those rooms cleared out by then (artificial deadline), and secondly, the rooms will be all ready, better than vacuumed, before my usual pre-company freakout can set in.  My older daughter said she had read somewhere: “Sometimes all you’ve gotta do is call a guy.  But you do have to call the guy.”  So very true.

I’m on a roll, Baby!


And I’m seeing the light!


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