Celebrate Being Alive

Clump #230:  Clear kitchen tabletop (again) (and finally) of all papers; day 26 of the 30-day challenge.

For anyone interested in my photographs, I use an iPhone with no special equipment … just my often-unsteady hands.  Sometimes I’m amazed at the detail it captures.  This was a hydrangea I snapped today on a walk with my mom.


Admittedly, it was a bit like pulling teeth to conduct the final paper-summit with my husband and finish the job I started days ago.  It’s the last thing we have felt like doing, and there were so many other things to keep us too busy and too tired … good excuses not to do it.  But we got the job done tonight.  Clearness achieved and order restored.  My husband even made two more accounts paperless.  Yippee!


One paper that caught my attention was this one listing “Mature Driver Safety Tips” that for the first time came with my driver’s license renewal form.   I didn’t keep it, but if I did, I would have to file it under “You know you’re getting old when …” Ugh.


I can’t end on that note.  I’m finally putting the backing paper from the Cherry Blossom Centennial stamps I referenced yesterday in the recycling, but I have to share one more quote from it:  “Because these spectacular trees flower so briefly, the Japanese often see them as poignant symbols of transience — making every blossom an invitation to celebrate being alive.” (The photo below is not a cherry blossom, but a flower I photographed in Norway.)


I might be the only person to put cherry blossoms and driver’s license renewal forms in the same category: “symbols of transience.”  I’ll take flowers any day.


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