Everyday Clumps

Clump #248: Clear out old laundry clump and mail pile; day six of National Blog Posting Month.


An update to the soap-on-a-rope story from yesterday.  My husband discovered the silly soap this morning, put it over his head, tightly, where it wouldn’t budge any farther, the bar of soap resting on his forehead, and called out to me, “How’s this thing supposed to work?” (Cue the sitcom laugh track.)  Aren’t soap-on-ropes supposed to be worn around one’s neck?  Or maybe the short rope was the reason this one was 75 percent off?  My dear husband, a very patient man, is pictured on a walk above, with me catching up after having stopped for yet another photo.

Today’s clump might seem a bit wimpy.  Both just are everyday household chores that rose to the clump level.  First, a bunch of sheets washed, dried, but which just kept getting shoved aside for need-to-wear/use laundry.  When you (read I) avoid something for too long, roots start forming and avoidance sets in.  That and wrinkles.


Below is the heap of mail — mostly catalogs — that were delivered to our house today.  After vanquishing the big, bad paper pile of last week, I’ve been like a pit bull attacking the daily inflow of mail.  Now that it’s high season for catalogs and solicitations for charities, the extra vigilance is even more important and more laborious.


Here is what I kept: two catalogs I enjoy, and two bills to pay.


I’ll close with another in what could be a series: me walking behind my husband, due to my photo-bugging,


and an example from nature of the benefits of steady, consistent clean sweeps.

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  1. I know I’m repeating myself, but your writing is so charming, Judy. I miss seeing you and will be at Meeting tomorrow, will you?–the elections are over and we did not prevail for the most part. I need the grounding of our Precious Silence. xo


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