Fierce and Flowery Black Friday

Clump #270: Christmas shopping and paper purging; day twenty-eight of National Blog Posting Month.

There was no rest for the weary today.  My niece and I continued our tradition of Black Friday shopping early this morning … after sunrise, that is.


Since the year we trooped out in the middle of the night to track down a large-screen t.v. for my dad, which was pretty scary, we’ve taken it easy both in time of day (7:00 a.m.) and number of stores (one).  The memory still lingers of the huge man vying for large electronics wearing a sweatshirt that said, “There Are Two Types Of People: Gun Owners And Victims.”  I let him go right ahead of me.  “After you.”  Actually, his was a pretty good Black Friday strategy.

My niece was looking like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.


But it was all for show.  (No foam swords were harmed by us for the photo).


Later, we visited Longwood Gardens.  In the children’s garden maze, she punnily said, “This is a-maze-ing!”


We weren’t the only ones getting into the holiday spirit … or with a penchant for silly hats (see yesterday).


I was so thoroughly tired out that I fell fast asleep in my chair tonight.


My sister said I should be able to count just getting out of the chair as the clump for today, but I moved my clump of aching muscles and another pile of paper.


I was rewarded with a lovely handmade Thanksgiving card sent from my sister-in-law.


We also received our first Christmas card!  I’m going to have to reevaluate whether I can still be friends with them.

Strike While The Griddle Is Hot

Clump #102:  Clean out avalanching pan cabinet.

My youngest niece and I have a Black Friday tradition we almost wimped out on this morning.  Deep, well-earned sleep after a long day almost did us in. But at around 8:00 am, we stumbled into Target, got hot chocolate, and commenced the annual ritual.  Here’s my niece modeling a hat in the dollar section:


One year we experienced the full-on, get-up-in-the-dark insanity to buy my father a widescreen TV.  I was questioning my own sanity for having brought a young girl with me.  Scary!  Since then we’ve stuck to Target at a more civilized hour.  It wasn’t crowded today, and we had fun picking up CDs and DVDs for five dollars.   My niece found a Christmas ornament in her favorite color for less than three dollars.


Back at home we dug out the griddle for pancakes.  When I say dug out, I mean it.  The photo below was taken after we put the griddle back. Time for a clump!


Ancient lunch bags, too grody to give away, bound for the trash:


Even older, a popsicle mold …


We found all four sticks!


And the glorious after:


Last year my niece gave me an incredible Christmas gift: a poem she had written for me.


Two excerpts: “When I was nine/ Or was it ten?/ I used to slide down/those slippery stairs/you never got mad,/ Just a little concerned.” and, “Black Friday shopping/ I always adore/ And you seem determined / Even if it’s 6 am at the door.”


Just goes to show that the best presents can’t be found in any store.