Seeing Light and Color

Clump #162:  Elevate remaining paper piles; clear and file financial statements.

A quick recap: this was — just part — of the massive paper problem I’ve been chipping away at after our younger daughter threw me a lifeline and sorted everything into specific sub-categories back in January. I was still drowning in paper, but holding on for dear life.


We needed to clear out the above bedroom for guests,  so I transported the piles to the infamous study floor, too often the site of clutter relocation.  Thus began my 28-day-28-pile challenge on February 1st.

Since then, our cat Pumpkin has been entertaining herself by batting around papers and mixing up the piles when she’s not napping.


Today I took a big step.  No more papers on the floor.  I have eight days left in the challenge, so I re-sorted eight piles and put them on the kitchen table.  How civilized … they’re ready for tea!


Then my husband and I cleared one pile, which consisted of financial statements.  Filed most, shredded and recycled the rest.

For the daily dose of color, I draw again on photos I took in Chicago while visiting my older daughter.  We were in a huge Whole Foods Market my daughter described as “like a cruise ship.”  I know other people visiting a great city might take photos of the tourist sites (not a supermarket) and further, wouldn’t choose a destination much, much colder and windier than home for a winter vacation. I guess I am not like most people!

I took these photos of funny napkins.  This is especially appropriate for today, since I feel like I am finally seeing the light.  We are actually about to be freed from our impacted paper problem.  I can see it now … it’s a dream come true!


This set also spoke to me.  My life.


We took way more taxis than I ever have in my life (see punishing weather, above).  In one, I happened to focus on the rate chart in front of me and noticed that the “Vomit Clean-up Fee” is fifty dollars.  I remember thinking, well, fair enough.  And then I wondered how much I would have if I had been paid fifty dollars for every time I performed vomit clean-up.  Maybe enough to take a vacation on an actual cruise ship.  Give birth, change diapers, clean vomit … quite a job description.


Okay, enough nauseating talk!  Let us cleanse the palate with the daily color palette.

Here is the supermarket, with a multitude of hues:


Roses and eucalyptus, love that grey and pink:


A striking arrangement at a coffee shop in the area:


Tulip heaven:


Back home, this was the white, foggy world of — melting — snow this morning …


And the same general scene this evening.  It’s working!  Thinking color is bringing it to our white world!


Finally, today’s “song” of the day is “Rapper’s Delight” with Brian Williams and Lester Holt on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.  I can’t imagine how many intern-hours were spent to accomplish this … enjoy!

More Irony

Clump #28:  Restart blog.

Time Flies (Sighted on the NJ Shore)


The non-act of not writing about and posting my clumps has, itself, now become a clump.  When many days of not posting slip by and accumulate, the psychic build-up is akin to the massive ironing pile documented as clump #26.  Ironically, my ironing pile is under control, but ironing-related posting material coming into my consciousness is piling up.  I should be off the ironing subject but I can’t let it go … so I’m blocked, like steam trapped behind mineral deposit build-up on an iron (sorry).

You know the phenomenon of getting something in your mind and then seeing that thing over and over in the world?  Here’s a sampling.  Hasboro, the maker of the game Monopoly, recently ditched its iron-shaped game piece for a cat-shaped one.  More than 10 million Facebook fans from over 120 countries voted the “depression-era iron” off and the cute kitty on.  I feel this is an important cultural moment.

Apparently the niece of the game’s inventor suggested using the charms on her bracelet for the game pieces.  Would a girl today have an iron on her charm bracelet (do girls still wear charm bracelets?)?  Ironing is an endangered act, what with wrinkle-free fabrics proliferating in the marketplace.  Was it once part of of a woman’s domestic or female arsenal of charms?


Stephan Pastis, creator of one of my favorite comic strips, Pearls Before Swine,, had a good time with this in a series back in April.


I guess what I’m struggling with is the fact that I’m a throwback to another time.  When I list my occupation on the various forms we’re all required to complete, I’m in the habit of writing Homemaker.  It’s a title that calls to mind Donna Reed or June Cleaver.  Now that my children have more or less grown up and away from home, the full-time mother part of the role is not as much the point of pride it used to be.

So maybe on some level I enjoy the drama of a monstrous ironing pile, since vanquishing it gives me a visible sense of accomplishment.  See what I did?!   Which brings to mind another comic strip, Mutts, by Patrick McDonnell,  I had taped this in my little book of random notes on 9/12/11.  On the facing page I had written, “The better a housekeeper you are, the more invisible your work becomes.”  Hmm.


And … we’re back to a cat again, an animal Monopolizing the internet, but not necessarily know for its work ethic.