Not Going To Pot

Clump #229:  Clean out terra cotta pots and donate to Fall Festival sale; day 25 of the 30-day challenge.


Today’s clump was cumbersome, but easily dispatched.  Old, dirty plant pots saved for possible reuse that, let’s be real, just ain’t gonna happen. How many years have they been sitting in the basement?  Who can remember?

I stuck them in the sink with a few glug-glugs of white vinegar, and … presto … the next morning they looked good enough to donate to the flea market at our Quaker Meeting’s Fall Festival.


I took the photo below during yesterday’s mega-mailing and couldn’t let it go today.  I had used up the last of the “Cherry Blossom Centennial” stamps I’d bought this spring.  I just love the little poem written by someone who lived in the triple-digit years.


Soon the leaves will be falling in haste …


but right now we are in a delicious state of suspended animation.

Sun Salutation

Clump #94:  Continue present ordering; return cloths to Meeting.

I’ve been putting off laundering and returning the colorful fabrics used for table cloths at out Quaker Meeting’s Fall Festival.  A low priority job that I finally cleared from our house and my mind.  Out of there!


As the days shorten, I find myself cherishing light and color.


The deep red leaves of Japanese maples seem to rebel against the gradual tide toward monochromatic landscape.


I want to join their army,


And proclaim the promise of future suns.