Fall Pink and Fall Prevention

Clump #252:  Deliver walker to friend; day ten of National Blog Posting Month.


Today I faced a Clump A Day dilemma.  For those wonderful followers who have been reading here for a long time, you know that I went through a sad de-clumping of a lot of my parents’ stuff when my father passed away.  One thing I had been meaning to give to charity was the walker my father had used.  If the test of what to keep and what to give away is whether the item is useful to you and/or brings a smile to your face, this walker would fail both, spectacularly.  My dad embodied the opposite of everything this walker symbolized.  He was powerful, fit, and independent almost until the end.  The darn thing was a big clunky, sadness-evoking clump of metal.  You know what I’m talking about; you don’t need a picture.  Instead, I’ll brighten the vibe with photos of pink out in the autumnal landscape, a color more associated with Spring, but there you go.


So why in the world was this walker still in our basement?  I had been avoiding it for the reasons above: too painful.  But today I was conferring with a friend about helping out another friend who had been in an accident and needed a walker.  “Uhh, I think I still have the one that belonged to my father.”  And off it went.  No searching around for one, or renting … boom.  Done.


So what is the moral of the story?  It pays to procrastinate?  Save all your clutter for the day someone might need it?  This experience makes a real argument for that approach.  I have to give credit to my older daughter, who, when I posed the question, “What is the counter-argument?” said, “The counter-argument is: do you keep everything in case someone might need it one day?”  Right!  We are not running a store.

I took this (blurry) photo in a big, rambling hardware store this summer. A store that sells everything. Even when the express purpose of your enterprise is to outfit someone else’s needs, organizing all the stuff is a big challenge.


I’m telling myself that I will still have the wonderful moment of giving someone just what they need,


but not because I have held onto it beyond its welcome to me.

I’ve Got a Little List

Clump #75:  Make up Christmas list, check gifts on hand, and send out plea for gift ideas.

When our kids were very young and still under the magic spell of Santa Claus, I was trying to give them a sense of how lucky they were, explaining that there were many disadvantaged children in the world who didn’t get any Christmas presents.  Our son looked at me with an incredulous expression and asked, “Why don’t they just write a list?”  So easy … so obvious … so difficult to counter.

This is day two of my 30-day, 30-clump, 30-post Project Enjoy Christmas challenge.  Normally on a day like today, I would give myself a pass from blogging.  It’s Family Weekend at my younger daughter’s college and I could argue that I don’t have time.


But the force of this challenge filled me with new resolve, and I actually accomplished a meaningful clump.  I made up a list of all my usual gift recipients; checked gifts already bought; wrote them down on the list; and sent an email to my sisters, husband, and kids to please send me any of their gift ideas before the end of November.

The photo below is not pretty, but it fills me with great joy!  It’s my list with a few presents I had stashed away.

Usually (as silly as it sounds), I tend to put off this step so long that I’m avoiding it because I know I will have to confront the fact that my time and options have become limited.  Does that make any sense at all? Probably not to the normal person.


I’m counting the warm temperature, blue sky, and fall color of today on my gratitude list.