Spring Greening

Clump #165:  Shred, recycle and file assorted papers.  Only four piles to go!

The daily paper clump was served with tea today.  (Tea and clumpet?) It was a pile of ornery things that hadn’t fit into one category … must have been put together by our cat.


I got around to reading the latest Oprah Magazine which, fittingly, was their “annual guide to clearing some space in your head, your heart, your sock drawer.”  I admit to a high degree of skepticism about such articles (as often as I buy and read them), since they usually contain little more than spiffy new things in which to store your clutter. But, I have to say, these “New Rules of De-Cluttering” made sense.


Here’s an example, Rule Number 10:


Inspired by the Oprah magazine and my green tea, above, I’m devoting another segment of pigment therapy to the color of growth: green!

Even when everything else is dying back, brilliant green moss carries on:


Where might you guess I took the photo below?  If you guessed New York City, you’d be right.  Lovely that the leaves of the forget-me-nots are heart shaped.


Incredible, the tiny buds that grow so large …


For maximum sun collection …


And in amazing variety:


In honor of our son in Norway, a Nordic god from a Montreal Botanical Garden display, whose fine antlers seem to join with the branches of the green, green trees:


After compiling these photos, the song of the day was suddenly obvious: “It’s Not So Easy Being Green” by Kermit The Frog.  Ah, it gets me every time.

But green’s the color of Spring

And green can be cool and friendly-like

And green can be big like an ocean, or important

Like a mountain, or tall like a tree …

The Green Light

Clump #164:  Clear away pile number 23, life insurance paperwork.

Some wives present dessert after dinner; this evening I served my husband a clump of life insurance paperwork.  Lucky guy! Below, left: recycle; right: recycle and shred.  A smaller pile, filed.


Even if the grass, plants, and trees are not green yet, stores are pushing the color like Christmas decorations in October.  Both silly:


And sweet:


Who am I to resist?  The pigment therapy color for today is great, glorious green!


A trio of photos of green growing things forming passageways …


through which a few people I love walked …


we’re moving toward the green!


I heard a familiar song on the radio yesterday, The Eagles’ “Already Gone.”  These lyrics suddenly jumped out at me:

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains 
And we never even know we have the key 

I made a connection to our self-inflicted paper jam.  The reality of finally setting ourselves free has not fully sunken in.  We’ve had the keys all along. But, soon..

I will sing this victory song
Woo-hoo-hoo, my, my woo-hoo-hoo

I often listen to WXPN, 88.5 FM.  For any music lovers out there, the station has been offering a free download a day “To get you through the cruelest month of February … twenty stellar studio session performances.” Tomorrow, Monday, February 24 — one day only — all twenty will be available to download.  They will disappear at midnight on February 28 … just like my paper piles!