Flying Through My List

Clump #275: Finish Christmas newsletter; day three of seven-day Christmas To-Do list push.


So I’m probably going to be posting more of my photos of Longwood Garden’s holiday display (above and below) even though they seem lacking in capturing the splendor there.

An update on yesterday’s unsticking of myself and my bad attitude:  I finished the holiday newsletter … yay!  It’s emailed off to my husband and three kids for final approval and changes.  A big step done so much earlier than usual.  Hooray for de-clumping!

I even had time to watch Peter Pan Live tonight with Allison Williams as Peter and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook (great casting).  I pretty much loved it.  But I have to say I was having strange, conflicted feelings viewing the females’ roles (responsible, jealous) versus the male’s (clueless, carefree) … but then again the boy who never has to grow up is played by a woman.  I wasn’t prepared for the sadness in the final scene when Wendy is a grown-up mother, Peter is still the same, and he flies off with Wendy’s daughter, Jane.


At least it wasn’t Carrie Underwood (sorry).


Did you see it?  What did you think?