Three Essential Decluttering Rules

Clump #253: Twenty minutes of bedroom de-clumping; day eleven of National Blog Posting Month.


Sometimes angels are hiding in plain sight when you least expect them.  I had an experience recently with a kind of an angel.  I received an email which was sent out to a large group.  One part of the the subject heading was “Decluttering.”  Helllo!  In the body of the message was: “Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get some help with decluttering from an expert.”  A woman going for her Decluttering Certificate needed one more participant in her study.

I emailed the decluttering student and ended up speaking to her on the phone.  Great news!  I was rejected!  She was looking for someone who didn’t have the first clue of how to get rid of their clutter.  I’ve made too much progress!

I was bowled over when she mentioned that her teacher is Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, the best book on decluttering I have read.  Before we ended our phone call, she generously gave me three tips.  You might think, “Oh yeah, I know about that,” but the old truisms are true for a reason.  They work!  Never underestimate the power of these three:

  1. Set a timer for twenty minutes for focused decluttering.
  2. Don’t jump around from place to place.  Start in one section and keep at it until it’s clear.
  3. Use a “transit box” to temporarily store any items needing to go to another part of the house.  Don’t leave the decluttering area to replace those items until the timer goes off.

I really didn’t think I had time for a clump today.  It was a chock-a-block kind of day.  But I did find a little twenty-minute slot, got out our timer, and transitioned this nasty corner of our bedroom from this:


to this:


Can you feel the energy shift?


And hear the angels sing?