Family Tree

Clump #137:  Take Christmas tree out to the curb for recycling and put away Christmas decorations.

Being at the hospital with my mom every day has been draining.  I realize I am putting off the paper clumping that I wrote about in my last post. If a tree falls in a house because it is curbside pick-up day, does it still qualify as a clump?  Probably not.  A clump should be something I wouldn’t be doing as business as usual.  I’m allowing myself a day of denial before I revisit the procrastinated paper trail tomorrow.

I’m not ready!  This is what happens when you put off getting a tree until right before Christmas.  Ready or not, we bid the fine specimen farewell tonight with gratitude for its beauty and stately grandeur.  At least at this [too] early date, our younger daughter is here to help with the putting away of the decorations.


And out the door it goes, with a small, fake, fiber optic tree looking on. (Don’t look so smug … you’re going back in the box next.)


Then all the decorations just seemed wrong, still hanging around.


So long until next year.