Going The Distance

Clump #61:  Bulldoze through Paper Mountain.

Cue another movie theme song:  the training song from Rocky.  Like Rocky Balboa, I went the distance!  30 days, 30 clumps, and (almost) 30 posts.


It’s been a day of intense inner paper pile purging.  The really tough stuff.  I’m not as bruised and bloodied as Rocky, but I did get a mean paper cut.  I very much wanted to end this challenge with a big flourish, but I bit off more than I could chew with this clump.  I started clearing papers from one end of the house and hoped to power through to the other, but piles remain for another day.

So I don’t feel as though I won, however, the distance was maintained. I transformed this:


To this …


And this area:


To this:


Along the way, I was buoyed by finding some inspirational quotes.


I have a fear of some of those papers, as silly as that sounds.


But thanks to this blog, this challenge, and all who have encouraged me, I’m getting there!  Gonna Fly Now.