Lightbulb Moments

Clump #78: Clean out refrigerator.


Today’s Baby Blues comic strip made me smile, especially since I was about to give our refrigerator lightbulb a real workout. Holy Guacamole!  (And I did toss out a bunch of that.)

I must start off by saying that it is a wonderful problem to have too much food in a refrigerator.  Sinful to waste so much of it.  But one thing about the holidays, you can never have enough space in the fridge, and the time it takes to really clean it out is never available.

The dreadful — and I do mean full — Before:


We’re going to get a reputation with the men driving the recycling truck.  Not a good one.


And the glorious After:  No more stuff falling out when reaching for that one thing.  It’s the little things that make you happy … like not having food fall on you every day.


I must get out of our refrigerator and close with something beautiful.  I was able to attend a concert recently by the Turtle Island Quartet and Nellie McKay.  It was called A Flower is a Lovesome Thing.  I’ve read that the rose symbolizes the heart.  Here’s one of ours, open-hearted:


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