Short/Long-Term Solutions

Clump #89:  Place some online gift orders; clear garage doorsteps.

I really hope I can learn the lessons of this 30-day, 30-clump, 30-post challenge: Project Enjoy Christmas.  Ordering Christmas gifts in November is much easier than in December.  The likelihood that an item will be in stock is so much higher.  And if there’s a glitch that adds a little more time, no problem.  Wow.

Of course, Christmas is not the only holiday to be mindful of in November. Thanksgiving is coming!  I love Thanksgiving.  Every year the holiday gets pushed farther and farther out of the public sphere by earlier and earlier ads and decorations for Christmas … where the big money is.  The introspective holiday for gathering and giving thanks gets short shrift.

In the spirit of welcoming guests, I took a hard look at the doorway to our house from the garage (sorry for the fuzziness of the photo; hands shaking with sudden awareness):


My long-deceased sister once gave me sage advice about moving into a new house: “Be careful of short-term solutions … they so easily become long-term solutions.”  How many times do I need to live that lesson before it sticks?

New home for boots on a tray I’ve been meaning to make into the “boot home” for ages:


Old, old kids’ video games on left (aww, The Jolly Post Office — loved that), to Goodwill; pile on the right, recycle.


This is the container where they were stored in the garage.  Looks like it was trying to set down roots.  Almost!


The whole garage could use a cleaning, but that’s a clump for another day.  Just getting the entrance swept and the door mats shaken out was a big improvement.  Aiming for better, not perfect.

My husband helped with the sorting.  I told him that in Feng Shui the entrance to the house is very important.  He replied,  “We were all Fenged-Up.”


Three things I’m thankful for: my husband’s help and sense of humor, light rain on red berries,


and color in trees, even though devoid of leaves:


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