Life Cycle

Clump #88:  Get a move on Christmas shopping; recycle printer cartridges.

Day 15 of my 30-day, 30-clump, 30-post challenge: Project Enjoy Christmas.  Halfway through!  Today I had to remind myself of the feeling I get when I know I only have a couple of weeks left in December before the 25th.  Crunch time.  I’m artificially inducing the adrenaline that kicks in at holiday time.  It worked.  Shop, shop, shop.


I also got rid of a few things.  It’s been a while since I’ve recycled our spent printer ink cartridges:


To the lobby of Best Buy they go.  Not to be too paranoid, but I could imagine someone checking the video from the store, “Yeah, there’s that woman again, dropping off recycling.  No, she didn’t go in the store to buy anything.  Why does she always take a picture?”  If I had the chance, I’d tell them that my husband is the one in our family who buys technical gadgets.  I throw them away.


I saw this great poster in a lovely gift shop on my travels today.  But I couldn’t help thinking that if I bought the poster and put it up, would it become like wallpaper … invisible after the novelty wore off?


One thing helping me “to be wholly alive with all [my] might” is looking at the world more closely through my camera.


As the glorious colors of October burn out …


and fade into November’s grays and taupes …


we don’t need writing on the wall.  The whole natural world is reminding us: “Try to be alive.  You’ll be dead soon enough.”


Today may you live like hell.

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