Small Wonders

Clump #103:  Take “give-away” items from yesterday’s clump to Goodwill.

A clump like yesterday’s out-of-control cabinet consists of two phases. First, clearing and sorting into keep, throw away, and give-away piles. Then, getting the give-aways out of the house.  All the items pictured below are now at the Goodwill, and with any luck, will be of good use to someone else.

Kind of a dreary picture for the last day of my 30-day, 30-clump, 30-post challenge.  Mission accomplished!  Heartfelt thanks to everyone following along … your support has kept me going.  I must commemorate the occasion with some prettier photos.


Today is Small Business Saturday, a day to shop at local, independent businesses.  I learned that by patronizing locally owned businesses, “52 percent of what you spend stays right in your community, supporting local organizations and services.”

I became enchanted with this florist shop while walking in Chicago one night (not our local store, but a Chicagoan’s):


The city lights glittered and shone on the containers in the windows.


A car and street lights reflected in one planter was dreamlike.


I was spellbound.


Ah-ha … little elves creating the magic!


Could they please come to my house?

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