Lightening Shelves and Shrubs

Clump #104: Clean out refrigerator; clear top shelf of pantry.

My husband had the good idea of making a shepherd’s pie with our leftover turkey and mashed potatoes.  I googled “turkey shepherd’s pie” and came up with a recipe that also called for (and cleared out) our leftover chicken stock, carrots, celery, frozen peas, and some of the fresh sage and thyme.  The site’s creator is a woman named Kathy Lee, who obviously has the same Thanksgiving dinner menu we do.  The only thing I needed to buy was a cup of fresh mushrooms. Here’s a link to the recipe.


Kathy Lee recommends this for the day after Thanksgiving, but I was happy to have a few days in between.  The recipe makes enough for an army … and our troops have left for their other lives.  It’s just the two of us again.  We both thought it was good, but we’ll have to invite friends over to finish it.


Cleaning out a bunch of food in the refrigerator inspired me to clear out the top shelf of the pantry.  The whole closet was overwhelming.  Baby steps.  It doesn’t look too bad from a distance …


But out on the counter, I couldn’t believe all the things that had been hidden there.  How many times have I bought dish soap, not realizing a bottle was waiting patiently out of sight?


I had to laugh when I uncovered a few of these things. There was the lone, ancient cracker left in a box…


and soda bottles that used to be cylindrical, but had become angular:


I know this doesn’t look too much different, but many things were trashed, containers recycled, and a bag of donations for the local food pantry started.   More sorting to come when the other shelves are done.


Meanwhile, my dear husband worked on getting Christmas lights tested and put on trees and bushes outside,


so that every time I went into the garage to fill and fill the recycling container, I was delighted by the sight of newly hung lights!


P.S.  I just realized the subliminal urging at the top of Katie Lee’s recipe! I was standing on a chair just as she is in this header, only my shelves don’t look nearly as artistically perfect … yet … er … never.


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