Clean and White

Clump #112:  Confront plastic Bag O’ Junk.

For the life of me, I can’t remember when, why or how this bag of random junk got stashed together.  A mystery for the ages. But today I broke it down into things I can do: toss out, give away, or, in at least three cases, return to someone else.  I enlisted my husband’s help and we puzzled over the pile together.


A few of the contents: foreign coins.  Great timing!  I’m going to see my younger daughter tomorrow and she can drop them off at her college’s Travel Abroad Office.


So, a little lesson for myself.  When an area is cluttered, it follows that the floor below is filthy.

What’s left?  My mother’s and my accordion recipe files.  They are not going anywhere … yet.  I’m sure the recipes could be winnowed down, but that is a clump for another day.


Clean at last:


We had a big snow storm here today, and the world was transformed.  It was a day of cleaning inside and out.


I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  These are just a few that seem like I was photographing in black and white.


I’ve been whining a bit (just a bit?!) lately about the loss of color in the landscape.  Man oh man, I couldn’t complain today!  I had a difficult time doing errands without pulling over every two seconds to capture another shot.


The minimal palette is divine.


At this very moment, the Christmas CD I’m listening to is Kelly Clarkson singing the song White Christmas.


May all your holiday days be clear and white, bright and light, and filled with beautiful sights.

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