News and Hues

Clump #113:  Draft Christmas newsletter and email to family for approval.

This job has always been a big stumbling block for me.  Anyone reading who is on our Christmas card list knows exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t remember a year when I didn’t have to dance around an apology for lateness of some sort.  I think a holiday newsletter, at its best, gives information without being boring or boastful.  Ideally it’s positive in tone, but truthful.  A fine, difficult line that I hope I navigate, but it’s easy to lose perspective.  I insist on all family members’ approval, and make changes accordingly.  And I almost always put it off until I am at peak holiday stress.  Crazy.

But this year, thanks to this here blog, I’m finishing it at a shockingly early date. (For me, that is!)  I realized today that the act of writing daily has strengthened my writing muscles such that I could crank it out much faster than in previous years.  Progress!

Below are some more pictures from my snow-photo-binge yesterday, ones with more color:


This poor thing looked like a giant marshmallow plant:


As the day wore on, the black and white scenery developed a pastel background…


…that then became golden:


As I said yesterday, I was trying to do some errands … but got so distracted.  This was near where I stopped for gas.  I love the way each chain link opening is a frame for a different picture:


And to all a good night!


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