Ribbons in the Sky

Clump #122:  Return book and wrap, wrap, wrap.

Today I returned a friend’s book that I had unearthed during the pantry-clean.  I also gave her the gift of a book I knew she wanted.  Karma righted?


She had a lovely tree set up.  After putting on the lights, she had found it was so beautiful that she didn’t want to mar it with ornaments.  So that’s how it will stay for the season.


For me it was on to wrapping, wrapping, wrapping.  (Note: this is an activity usually conducted in the wee hours of Christmas morning.)


I did take a few moments to look up.  Taking photos for this blog has made me more aware of the sky and its constant changes.  I keep thinking that the people who work at The Sistine Chapel might not look up at the ceiling as much as the visitors after a while; it could become commonplace.


We have commonplace treasure overhead, too.



  1. Amen sister we do have commonplace treasures in the sky around here, esp. morning and evening. So glad to see that you notice, too. Sometimes the beauty is so ephemeral — here one minute, gone the next. Nice to see you are making an effort to capture it.


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