Deliveries and Doorways

Clump 121: Mail cards and packages.

Ah, I can breathe more easily now. Sending a bunch of presents and cards to their intended destinations is cathartic. What a clump!


I had heard on the radio that traditionally December 19, today, is the post office’s busiest day of the year.  Amazingly, when I finally arrived, there was no line.  A Christmas miracle!  The postman asked if I was sending anything fragile. I said just the peanut brittle … he (good-naturedly) threatened not to send out my packages, since I hadn’t brought him any.


It’s not really the holiday season in our house until my husband starts making his mother’s peanut brittle.


Before I got to the post office, on the way home from visiting my mom, I stopped in Strasburg and couldn’t help taking a few photos.


These were the same type of lovely boughs and berries that had been arranged so beautifully at Meeting on Sunday.


This was the porch of a shop … not someone’s home. I’ve gotten bold with my prying camera, but not that bold!


If you ever want creative house decorating ideas, Strasburg is the place to go.


This was a cute little reminder on the porch of the shop, a fitting holiday sentiment.


Thank you to you, my kind friends who make life good.


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