True Abundance

Clump #127:  Pack up paper recycling.

Through the magic of Google Hangout, our son in Norway was able to join in the Christmas morning present-opening.  The creators of The Jetsons predicted this kind of technology!  He kept us laughing by adding visual effects like an arctic setting …


and this birthday-boy-with-an-eye-patch look. When a really good present was revealed, he would play a round of applause.  At other times, the sound of a toilet flushing.  It wasn’t as good as having him here in person, but it sure helped!


I was talking to a friend recently who compared the lead-up to Christmas to a wedding.  So true.  You work and work, shopping, planning, wrapping, wrapping, and more wrapping … and then in a quick blur, it’s all over.  Here’s a photo of the aftermath, ready for the recycling truck we hope will be here tomorrow:


We all wish for abundance …


But to me, the real abundance we crave is found in the song Silent Night.


“Son of God, love’s pure light.”

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