Tangible Gifts

Clump #128:  Deliver son’s bag of gifts.

Two of my son’s friends were leaving today to visit my son in Norway, and if that wasn’t gift enough, they agreed to bring a bag of gifts to him from us, including homemade cookies and peanut brittle.


Speaking of Christmas gifting, my older sister put together one of my favorite gifts given to me this year: a compilation of photos I took for this blog, set on a foam core board.  Somehow the sight of it makes this whole experience more real. So often it seems like I send these posts and photos out to vanish in the air, but this is something concrete.  Not only does my work look real, my very life seems more real.


We all went to see the movie, Frozen, tonight, and everyone enjoyed it. It’s a story involving two sisters who are very different, and their unbreakable bond.


What a gift to have the support of such a sister.

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