The Paper Trail

Clump # 130:  Start clearing out paper piles in closet.

I, or really our house, fell victim to my chronic paper-shuffle-before-company-comes syndrome.  Again.  Before our Christmas festivities I moved the piles from the study to our bedroom closet … my anxiety closet.  If I were to give tips for hopeless housekeepers, like myself, I would say: make sure a beautiful magazine cover is on top of your anxiety closet pile.  So much more enjoyable to slip and stumble over orchids and smooth river stones, emblazoned with the words, “The Balanced Life.”


This project might take a few days of concerted effort.  Here is a calendar for 2013.  We left off in April.  I recycled the pages and the plastic holder.


One spot of clearness.  A tiny bit of balance restored.


Possibly because I had paper on the brain today, I was conscious of trees, specifically evergreens.  This little sprout stole my heart.  It seemed in need of protection, like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.


And, below, a dress I passed by in a consignment store, giving new meaning to the phrase “all decked out.”


I had to go in, just to try for a better shot.  Here’s the dress’s view of the street:


As I passed by trees in this more urban environment, I felt a sense of awe for their endurance, and again, protectiveness …


while at the same time plotting a virtual clear-cutting of the forest of paper in my closet.

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